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Boston & The Brit Tea Company

Lexington-Concord Cocoa Tea (CF)

Lexington-Concord Cocoa Tea (CF)

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The Best Way To Unwind After A Hard Fought Battle, A Warm Cup of Hot Chocolate Flavored Tea.

Perfect For Those Cooler Nights. A Creamy Tea That Will Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving. Pairs Well With A Splash Of Cream Or Milk. (And a Cookie Or As We Say In England A Bikkie)

Loose Leaf Tea Bag (approx. 30 servings)


Apple, Cacao Beans (Organic), Chocolate Bits, Chocolate Flavor (Natural), Cream Flavor (Natural), Rooibos (Organic), Vanilla Flavor (Natural), White Chocolate Bits

(CF) Caffeine Free


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The Perfect Cuppa


Heat your water and measure out a tea spoon of loose leaf tea. Steep tea for 5 minutes and remove from mug.


Follow the same directions for HOT TEA, and pour over ice.