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Boston And The Brit Tea Company

Bunker Hill Blood Orange (CF)

Bunker Hill Blood Orange (CF)

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What Is Historically Known As Bunker Hill, Was Actually "Breed's Hill." Where The Alleged Infamous Phrase "Do Not Fire Until You See The Whites Of Their Eyes" Was Coined By Col. William Prescott.

Tangy Blood Orange That is Slightly Tart With Hints of Apple and Tangerine. 

Tastes Delicious Iced! 

Loose Leaf Tea 2oz Bag (approx. 30 servings)


Blood Orange Flavor (Natural), Apple, Hibiscus (Organic), Papaya, Rose Hips (Organic), Tangerine (Flavor)

(CF) Caffeine Free


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The Perfect Cuppa


Heat your water and measure out a tea spoon of loose leaf tea. Steep tea for 5 minutes and remove from mug.


Follow the same directions for HOT TEA, and pour over ice.